Leadership for Results

Why does the world need another book on leadership?

"Hello, I am Tom Barker. I am frequently asked this question about my book Leadership for Results. The short answer is, to encourage people. To help people gain confidence in themselves and, consequently, invest time in non-urgent but important things like establishing purpose, building good working relationships and learning from successes and failures.

A new way of thinking about leadership

In the book, I make the case that a leader's main role is to facilitate the full application of people's talent and energy through the removal of distractions. Like a good referee or umpire, leadership behaviour sets standards and maintains fairness and order while letting the play flow smoothly.

We just need someone to keep down the level of noise and nonsense, and that is within the ability of most people who are willing to take on the job.

This should be a good news story for managers who may be intimidated by our society's fascination with larger-than-life, heroic leaders who seem to be brimming with charisma and self-confidence.

People will solve most of the issues themselves

The message of Leadership for Results is that if we can take a leadership perspective and work on improving the group environment by removing barriers, people will solve most of the issues for themselves.

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Leadership for Results by Tom Barker

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